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Rebrading for  Bisleri

Repositoining and Rebranding Bisleri in order to focus on a different target demographic / audience , Mist’s visual identity revolves around using simple gradients and shapes. The text is followed by path of the shapes used , mainly for the flavours. The idea is to be clear and modern with the visual approach. Its simple , minimal to some extent and have breathing space. The gradients and noise with matte adds to the identity making it softer and friendly.

The project parameters were to select a brand, repositioning and rebrand it to focus on a different target audience, and articulate about it in the same way. It also includes a new logo design and elements from previous owners (Here Bisleri International PVT LTD. ). I do not claim to own or modify any of the existing elements, logos, symbols , or anything related to Bisleri and this project it done in the spirit of academic and educational learning only , Its purely hypothetical and I dont not wish to gain any monetary value from the project and its entirely non - commercial in nature.

Mist’s logo follows the exsisting guideline of Bisleri’s visual language of using slanted logos. The word mist itself represent suspended water vapours and freshness , hence the shape is curvy but not pointy. As the brand carries the value of original brand , Bisleri’s logo is represented on bottom right of mist’s insignia.

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